The programme entitled New Scenarios of Digital Vulnerability: Media Literacy for an Inclusive Society, PROVULDIG2-CM, Ref.: H2019/HUM-5775, is a combination of institutional endeavour, information dissemination, and research activity carried out by a consortium of six research groups consolidated within the following universities in Madrid: CEU San Pablo University, Rey Juan Carlos University, Complutense University of Madrid, and Villanueva International University.

PROVULDIG2-CM, Ref.: H2019/HUM-5775 is a network of researchers who work in the following areas:

  • New digital vulnerabilities and instruments to encourage social inclusion of especially vulnerable groups, such as children, adolescents, young adults and the elderly.
  • Scientific study focusing on fake news and its influence on the collective construction of reality.
  • Analysis of the interaction, discourse, and data related to adolescents in the social media.
  • The study of cyber-violence in the Autonomous Region of Madrid.
  • Challenges faced by the elderly with regard to political participation in the digital environment.

All of these objectives are aimed at taking action related to social inclusion, protecting minors, promoting audience empowerment through media literacy, and fostering entrepreneurship among youth.

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Dissemination is an essential activity for the success of the PROVULDIG2-CM programme


To serve as a centre for the exchange of knowledge among researchers interested …



PROVULDIG2-CM is composed of six consolidated research groups …


PROVULDIG2 works in four well – defined areas …

Researchers from PROVULDIG-CM met with GD CONNET officers in Brussels

The meeting took place on January 17, 2018 at the facilities of the General Directorate of Communication, Content and Technology Networks, Electronic Commerce and Platforms -GD CONNECT, European...

Article: “Meta-synthesis of Literacy for the Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups”

Researchers associated to the PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES ON DIGITAL VULNERABILITY (PROVULDIG-CM) publish an interesting article in the bilingual Spanish-English research journal “COMUNICAR” The aim of...

Parent’s Influence on Acquiring Critical Internet Skills

The present paper analyzes the mediation role of the parents in their children’s education. It shows a predictive model that includes parental education style and their trust in the interactive...

PROVULDIG Scientific Report. January 2016-June 2017

The main objective of the PROVULDIG Program is to "serve as a centre for the exchange of knowledge among investigators and as a reference point for young researchers who want to orient their...

Research visit at Cambridge University by the coordinator of the PROVULDIG-CM Program

Professor Ignacio Blanco has participated in a research stay as a Visiting Scholar of the Department of Sociology of the University of Cambridge (UK) and Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall College.  The...

1st Provuldig Conference on Digital Vulnerability

With the title "CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES OF THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE: Strategies of Empowerment and Inclusion", the 1st PROVULDIG Conference on Digital Vulnerability was held last year on October 27...
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