To serve as a centre for the exchange of knowledge between researchers interested in this subject, and as a point of reference for young researchers who intend to direct their academic careers toward the field of communication and vulnerable audiences.



Information vulnerability. Research on fake news and its influence on the collective construction of reality.


Development of networks to analyse the interaction, discourse and data related to adolescents in social media.

Research on cyber-violence against girls, adolescents and young women in the Autonomous Region of Madrid.

Audience empowerment: child protection and media literacy

Promotion and improvement of awareness and participation of elderly people in the political debate through various digital tools.

Employment of young people in the digital ecosystem: opportunities and vulnerabilities for labour inclusion.

Media literacy for social inclusion.

Doxa area: to promote the scientific community of the research journal DOXA Comunicación as a focal point for diffusion and the convergence of activities oriented toward the joint dissemination and transfer of knowledge.

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