Subject matter of videos for teens on YouTube


Antonio García-Jiménez & Manuel Montes-Vozmediano

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International Journal of Adolescence and Youth
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This study refers to videos linked to teens on the YouTube platform. Its aims are as follows: a) to identify the subject matter or purpose of the teenager-related videos with the highest number of views; b) to analyse the characteristics of these audiovisual creations; and c) to study the audiovisual treatment of videos whose content demonstrates their preventive/educational purpose. The methodology used is content analysis, applied to n = 400 videos. The study has worked with different variables, such as setting, structure, genre (or format), number of views and interactions. After ascertaining the main themes (‘sex’, ‘drugs’, ‘bullying and ‘pregnancy’), the subthemes comprising them have been defined. It can also be observed that users have shown greater interest in seeking out constructive content to learn, educate themselves or avoid potentially risky situations (prevention) than in looking for violent or humorous content or content of other types.

Keywords: Teenagers, YouTube, vídeos, sex, drugs, bullying, pregnancy, social media, vulnerability.

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